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At Informed Genomics we place quality at the heart of everything we do. The patient is our priority and we strive to provide the right testing that has a meaningful impact on an individual’s healthcare experience and outcomes. We are focussed on providing innovative testing solutions that can empower an individual in their healthcare choices.

Our core team has extensive experience in clinical and translational genomic testing and we are dedicated to using this experience to provide the best solution for both clinical diagnostics and genomic research projects.

Informed Genomics mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accessible genomic testing, enabling earlier diagnosis, personalised treatments and improved patient outcomes.

Vision Statement

To transform healthcare journeys for patients with cancer.




Our culture is based on trust and being open and honest with our colleagues and customers. We act professionally in all matters to ensure we deliver a high quality service that can be relied upon.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do; all staff are dedicated to carrying out their roles and responsibilities to the highest possible standard. Through professional collaboration and continual improvement, we provide the best service possible.


We care about our staff and their well-being is important to us. We strive to provide the support required to maintain good physical and mental health. Contributing to our clients’ well-being is what drives us in our day to day work.


We are passionate about making innovative genomic testing available for all. We are patient-focussed and dedicated to providing services that make a meaningful and actionable impact on an individual’s healthcare journey.
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