Why Informed Genomics?

Our culture is focussed on ensuring our staff are happy in the workplace, and in doing this we believe our staff will give us the dedication needed to provide the best service possible for our customers.
To maintain this culture we are focussed on several key points within the workplace:
Being open and honest with each other – this is the foundation of our company and enables great team-working. It also provides the trust that is required both within our company and with our customers.
Having fun – it’s vital that our staff enjoy their role in the company!
Being inclusive – we believe in mutual respect and providing everyone with equal access to opportunities and resources.
Being supportive – identifying when and how staff need support is key to maintaining their physical and mental well-being and also provide resources for career progression.
Being innovative and collaborative both within the company but also with our customers. This allows us to continually improve and provide service that make a real difference to genomic healthcare.

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