GALEAS™ Bladder well received by European Urologists at EAU24

Apr 15, 2024

GALEAS Bladder test

Bradley Toghill, Genomics Service Sales Manager at Informed Genomics, shares his experiences of the 39th Annual EAU Congress (EAU24) in Paris, April 2024.


I spent an eye-opening few days at the 39th Annual EAU Congress (EAU24) in Paris last weekend with our sister company Nonacus. Attended by around 9,000 delegates, the congress is Europe’s biggest urological event attracting researchers, scientists, nursing and patient speakers, and of course Urologists, from all around the world.

We had great conversations with many of these Urologists, and these are my top takeaway from EAU24:

  • The attendee base is global, which gives us a better understanding of the standard of care for bladder cancers from a wider demographic of clinicians. Through this we gained extensive feedback, which helps us to respond to the real needs of clinicians and patients.
  • Engaging with healthcare professionals face-to-face enables us to gain further insights to the potential impact of our novel GALEAS Bladder test and how it could benefit their patients.
  • The Urologists we spoke to are experiencing similar issues, primarily that the current standard of care (flexible cystoscopy) is the only realistic way to check for presence of bladder cancer. This procedure is far from ideal, it is invasive, uncomfortable, expensive and sometimes patients refuse it, which leaves them at risk of worse outcomes.
  • As up to 90% of those who have a cystoscopy are bladder cancer negative, urgent healthcare pathways are overrun with vast amounts of patients with haematuria undergoing cystoscopy who do not necessarily need one.
  • The Urologists we spoke to in Paris believed that a minimally invasive test such as GALEAS bladder could remove these patients from the urgent care pathway for cystoscopy, whilst simultaneously providing a better experience for the patient (being non-invasive and a test that can be performed at home). Any GALEAS bladder positives can be prioritised for urgent care more effectively than the current system allows.
  • The 10-15 day turnaround time of our test matches the expectations of Urologists because the standard waiting time in the healthcare system for cystoscopy is also two weeks.
  • Not only is this important in a triage setting, but several Urologists we spoke to were keen to highlight that use in a surveillance setting following treatment would be a key area of interest too.

In summary, this was a hugely valuable event to attend. It was great to talk with the Urology community about their challenges and showcase how GALEAS Bladder service can help to alleviate some of the challenges they face in their everyday practice.

The GALEAS Bladder test recently featured in an in-depth report on bladder cancer in The Telegraph newspaper. You can read the full report here.

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