Sample Information

Sample Requirements

Our germline tests can be performed on DNA extracted from saliva or blood.


Saliva extraction has been set up as a less invasive sample collection method, allowing easy sample collection within the health centre or self-sampling at home.

The sampling tubes provide long-term stabilisation of the saliva at room temperature, ensuring that any delays in transit do not impact on the quality of the DNA extracted.

Our sampling kits contain:

1x clam shell pack containing a sample collection tube with funnel and lid, plus sample collection instructions issued by the tube manufacturer
1x consent form
1x leakproof sample mailing pouch
2x tamper seals
1x prepaid postage returns box

This kit can either be sent in the post to a home address or provided directly at the health centre.

Prior to sampling it is important the kit contents are checked for any signs of damage or missing components. The laboratory should be contacted for a replacement in cases of damage or missing components.

The saliva sample must be collected as per instructions in the sampling tube provided. The instructions for use are provided with the kit, however further information and advice is available by contacting us at

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the test, it is essential the following instructions are followed. Failure to do so may result in the laboratory being unable to process the sample.

Eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum should be avoided for 30 minutes prior to sampling as this may affect the quality of the sample and invalidate the test.

Ensure all labelling is legible and that the sample barcode is not covered.

Instructions for returning the sample to the laboratory once collected are included in the sample pack. Extra copies can be found here.

It is essential the sample is returned as per instructions and the return address and the UN3373 safety mark are not obscured.

If a repeat testing kit is required prior to sample submission, or for any further information, please contact the team at or use our contact us page on this webpage below.


Blood collection should be taken by a trained professional and provided in a EDTA tube. IGL does not provide blood collection facilities.

Sample Rejection

Saliva or blood samples maybe rejected if:

If it has leaked during transit
Insufficient DNA recovered from sample. A minimum of 50ng DNA is required at a concentration of >2ng/ul

Incorrect or illegible identifiers on the sample tube or consent form

If the sample does not meet these quality metrics, a repeat sample may be requested.