Tumour Pan-cancer Profiling

Comprehensive NGS cancer mutation analysis from solid tumour and cell-free DNA


A straightforward and robust tumour profiling workflow:

DNA extraction

DNA extraction

Quality control

Quality control

Library preparation

Library preparation

NGS sequencing

NGS sequencing

Bioinformatics analysis

Bioinformatics analysis

If you have limited time and sample, our targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) solution enables you to quickly and easily profile common genes associated with cancer, using solid tumour and liquid biopsies, in a single workflow.

Our pan-cancer mutation panel is a comprehensive set of biomarkers ensuring accurate identification of single nucleotide variations (SNVs), indels, and copy number variations (CNV) across 524 oncogenes with the additional benefit of detecting mutational burden (TMB) and molecular satellite instability (MSI).

This not only enables proficient cancer profiling and stratification but allows predictive responses to immunotherapy to be explored across all oncology sample types.

Tumour profiling

service overview


  • Research

Panel information

  • 1.58 Mb panel
  • Covers common driver mutations including SNVs, CNVs, indels
  • Covers immune-oncology biomarkers for TMB and MSI
  • Full gene list

DNA extraction service: (sample submission information)

  • Whole blood (fresh)
  • Plasma
  • Saliva
  • FFPE tissue – slides, curls, macrodissection from pre-marked slides

DNA direct into library preparation:

  • Genomic (gDNA)
  • Fixed-formalin paraffin-embedded DNA (FFPE)
  • Cell-free DNA (cfDNA)

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DNA input

  • gDNA 10-100 ng
  • FFPE 10-200 ng
  • cfDNA 10 ng


  • NGS library preparation: Cell3™ Target: Pan-Cancer (524) TMB, MSI panel
  • Sequencing platform: Illumina

Indexing options

  • 384 indexing strategy
  • Unique dual indexing (UDIs)  
  • Unique molecular indexes (UMIs)

Data transfer

Secure, cloud-based data transfer:

  • fastp/FastQC files 
  • Secure data hosting in DNAnexus for easy retrieval via web portal or  CLI
  • Hassle free data transfer straight to your AWS (Amazon) S3 buckets

Quality assurance

  • UKAS accredited, and ISO15189 approved lab

Why choose Informed Genomics?

Full-service flexibility

  • Assay compatibility with multiple DNA types gives you the option of profiling primary, metastatic or liquid biopsies1
  • Low DNA concentrations: start with as little as 10 ng from all DNA types
  • Flexible service packages: take advantage of our DNA extraction service and streamline your project from start to finish

Comprehensive oncogene cover

  • Clinically relevant content: accurately identify and profile variants associated with cancer and stratify all common cancers in a single workflow
  • Targets 524 oncogenes: covers 63 genes from NCCN/FDA cancer treatment guidelines, 116 cancer driver genes and 345 genes in vital cancer signaling pathways1
  • Saves multiple testing strategies: reduce your costs, save valuable time and resources

Comprehensive robust performance

  • Focused panel design: cost-effective panel to measure TMB/MSI biomarkers1
  • Detect low-level variants: confident calling of targeted SNV, indels, fusions, translocations and copy number variation
  • Built-in error suppression: automatic inclusion of UMIs and UDIs during library preparation, remove PCR error and index hopping factors

Customer feedback


Kasia from CoSyne Therapeutics:

What specific aspects of our services do you find the most beneficial?

“We mostly used Informed Genomics for sequencing of small projects using NextSeq2000. In the start-up environment what is most important for us is speed of data delivery and that’s what we can always count on while working with your team. With other sequencing providers waiting time is usually 4 or more weeks which makes our projects (especially if they are pilots) difficult to deliver on time but we feel like we can always count on you to get sequencing data quickly and with good quality.


Also Louise and Jana has been very helpful, friendly and professional while assisting in choosing right options and troubleshooting issues.


Feedback that I also received from our bioinformaticians is that it is absolutely painless and very efficient experience in getting data via DNA Nexus (what they can’t say about other sequencing providers) and they are always happy when I mentioned that particular project will be done with Informed Genomics.”

How would you describe your overall experience with our team?

“Absolutely excellent! We don’t have a single thing that we would change about you or could complain about. Please keep this fantastic service for the future as we really like working with you.”

How has Informed Genomics helped contribute to your work?

“As I mentioned in first question, time is the huge value for our projects so Informed Genomics enormously contributed to our work by providing us sequencing data quickly and in easy to access way. Any minute that our bioinformaticians save on obtaining data from the providers – is already beneficial to whole company. Adding to that, weeks saved by getting data quicker than in other sources – is making us able to achieve goals much quicker.”

Would you recommend Informed Genomics to others? If so, why?

“Yes, absolutely. All the conversions we previously had with your representatives showed that you know your field very well, you are very professional and you are able to help make the best decisions when it comes to Genomics. I will be definitely recommending Informed Genomics to anyone who looks for support in library preparation or sequencing.”



​​1. Nonacus. Cell3™ Target: Pan-Cancer (524), TMB, MSI panel https://nonacus.com/download/cell3-target-pan-cancer-datasheet-v3/Published 2023. Accessed October 17, 2023.

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